About us:

Al-Shahba Company for manufacture of all types of Arabic bread ovens, French bread, pastry production ovens and equipment Also, Al-Shahba company specializes in manufacturing cakesovens, roll wrapping machines for the French bread and all types and sizes of fork mixers and spiral dough mixers, in addition to all types of bakery supplies in general.

The company also produce baking trolleys and trays for the aluminium and stainless steel for rotary oven, as well as toast bread moulds of all sizes.

The ovens produced by Al-Shahba Company are characterized by high quality and modern technology, which is suitable for international industries

Due to the high quality of the company's products, the success of our industries at the global level, and their competitive prices, their sales have spread to many countries of the world:
European countries such as: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Bologna, Romania, France and Britain ... etc.
USA, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile.
Turkey and the Middle East in most Arab countries, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nigeria and many other countries
Al-Shahba participated in many international exhibitions specialized in food & engineering industries around the world The company has obtained many international quality certificates such as ISO, and European CE quality certification for all of its products, as its industries compete with the latest international industries and its experiences match international experiences.

Al-Shahba Company is distinguished by its high productive capacity and includes several groups of specialized work teams also for installation in the various countries in which the company sells its products in order to improve production capacity and maintain quality always and development and continuous updating
Al-Shahba Company imports the raw materials needed to manufacture automatic bakeries from many countries within the best international standards and among the most powerful companies specialized in producing such materials.